November 8, 2016 Republican Candidates


President: Donald J. Trump

Vice President: Mike Pence

U.S. Senator: Rob Portman

U.S. Congress: Bill Johnson

Chief Justice of Supreme Court: Maureen O'Connor

Justice of Supreme Court: Pat Fischer

Justice of Supreme Court: Pat DeWine

Judge of Court of Appeals: Matthew McFarland

State Senator: Frank Hoagland

State Representative District 94: Jay Edwards

State Representative District 95: Andy Thompson

Judge of the Court of Common Pleas: Mark Kerenyi

County Commissioner: David White

County Commissioner: Ron Feathers

Prosecuting Attorney: Kevin Rings

Clerk of Courts: Brenda Wolfe

Sheriff: Larry Mincks

County Treasurer: Tammy L. Bates

County Engineer: Roger E. Wright

Coroner: Kenneth J. Leopold